Work can be fun.

I’m a man who is not afraid to try different things, even propping my feet on my boss’s desk. I’ve always made work fun for myself and my co-workers.

I was a paperboy (and Momma’s boy) in Hanover, Pennsylvania. In my senior year of high school, I became a bank teller, which transitioned into a 12-year banking career. While a banker, I got married and became a lady’s man. I also took college classes at night. At age 30, I quit my banking job to go back to college to study accounting. I earned my degree and my CPA license, and had a four-year career in public accounting. After moving to Florida to support my wife’s career, I worked for the University of Florida as an internal auditor and investigator for five years. Still chasing after my wife, I moved to South Carolina. There I became a father, the greatest joy of my life. I now had a quicker girl to chase after. I have been her full-time dad for more than ten years. We’ve since relocated to Georgia. My wife keeps moving. She might be trying to give me the slip, but I keep catching her. When my daughter started school, I became a writer.

I enjoy watching college football and playing tennis. I love to make people laugh, so April Fools’ Day is one of my favorite days each year. Writing is how I share my sense of humor.