MoMENts: A Dad Holds On, the first book in the Holding On Series

In MoMENts:  A Dad Holds On, author Patrick Hempfing shares a former CPA turned stay-at-home dad’s hilarious and poignant moments as he tries to hold on to his precocious child.  Patrick conquers the day-to-day challenges of daddy-daughter chaos while embracing the pockets of love, joy, and happiness that make fatherhood exhilarating.

Parenting is a lot like giving birth – there is a lot of pressure, but also tremendous joy – and focused breathing techniques are useful long past the delivery.  Although Patrick may wish for an epidural to block the “contractions” of stress and worry, he loves being a father.  His stories remind readers to make the most of every moment.

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Praise for MoMENts

MoMENts: A Dad Holds On is not a parenting handbook, but one all parents should read.  Patrick leaves the corporate world behind and discovers life as a stay-at-home dad is a job like no other.  His tender, humorous stories contain little life lessons and serve as reminders to cherish the moments with family.” ─ Dahlynn McKowen, Not Your Mother’s Book creator and Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author

“Patrick Hempfing delights as he lets readers in on the lessons and activities he shares with his daughter and how they affect him as a stay-at-home dad.  MoMENts: A Dad Holds On includes quiet, tender moments and laugh-out-loud stories any parent will appreciate.  Readers will enjoy seeing how he transforms daily chores into memorable adventures.” ─ Susan Weiss, Publisher of New York Parenting

“As the Editor of Suburban Parent Magazines, I would like to extend my thanks for Patrick Hempfing. As a writer for our publications for several years, he has entertained us and our readership with his humorous, witty, and inspiring columns of his life as a dad and husband. His MoMENts column is anticipated each month and always gets a great response.” − Mary Ellen Caldwell, Editor, Suburban Parent Magazines

“Thank you for creating such compelling work!” − Kirsten Flournoy, former Editor, San Diego Family Magazine

“Patrick Hempfing writes with honesty and wit about the moments that make the parenting journey worthwhile, delivering wisdom and hope to others on the same path.” − Jennifer Jhon, Editor, South Florida Parenting

“Patrick Hempfing’s warm, inviting voice reaches out to readers, appealing to their own experiences as parents – with just the right dose of humor.”− Amanda Robison, former Editor, Metroparent

“Houston Family Magazine recently discovered Patrick Hempfing and quickly snatched him up as a regular columnist for our monthly magazine. His vignette portrayals of fatherhood are poignant, insightful, and funny, creating vivid images of moments that make parenting sweet, scary and, ultimately, the most rewarding job a person can undertake. Patrick’s MoMENts columns are conversational and effortless, like the casual exchange of daily parental happenings you would enjoy at the park while the kids play on the swings. His work is simply delightful and a valued addition to our monthly content.” − Sara Stephens, Managing Editor, Houston Family Magazine and former Editor, Southeast Texas Family Magazine

“Patrick, a well-intentioned, loving – but not always perfect – father, beautifully writes with humor and humility about the trials and tribulations of modern-day parenting. He is a refreshing rarity in the publishing world representing the highs and lows of fatherhood, yet his message rings strong with all readers, no matter the gender. There is a little Patrick in us all.” − M. L. Ellen Percival, Publisher, Calgary’s Child Magazine

“Patrick Hempfing’s columns share laugh-out-loud moments paired with striking insights. Funny and thought-provoking, a refreshing read. You can’t help but smile and nod –MoMENts is always a favorite for our readers.” − Sharon Gowan, Publisher/Editor, Sonoma Family Life Magazine and Mendo Lake Family Life Magazine

“Patrick Hempfing’s touching reflections on fatherhood’s roller coaster of emotions and experiences leave readers connecting with the sweet – and salty – moments he shares with his daughter, Jessie. This is a must-read for any father who truly cherishes every fleeting second he shares with his child.” − Beth Shugg, Editor, Carolina Parent

“Patrick Hempfing’s positive parenting reflection in his MoMENts column is like a breath of fresh air, providing central PA readers with laughter and lessons. Writing from personal experience as a stay-at-home father, his column illuminates the intrinsic value of father involvement. Hempfing’s perspective is written with clarity and humor. His MoMENts is undoubtedly destined to be shared with a broader audience – perhaps becoming the book that is taken to after-school sport practices, music lessons, tutoring, etc.” − Mari Conners, Editor, About Families

“Patrick Hempfing became a parent later in life, and I believe that has given his writing wonderful sensitivity, depth, and wisdom which easily reaches into both the minds and hearts of his readers.” − Michele Miller, Editor and Publisher, Western New York Family Magazine

“Patrick Hempfing has given Palmetto Parent a different perspective on parenting through dad’s eyes instead of just from moms. His entertaining column about being a stay-at-home dad has been well received by our readers. We appreciate him greatly!” − Lori Coon, Publisher, Palmetto Parent

“Patrick Hempfing has a lot going for him as a highly creative writer and as an involved father. His MoMENts columns are warm without being maudlin and humorous without overreaching. He is a very positive part of our publication.” − Gaye Bunderson, Editor, Idaho Family Magazine

“Those of you who have kids, know kids, love kids, or simply WERE a kid will love anything written by Patrick Hempfing, a stay-at-home dad. Or, as I like to say, a “recovering accountant.” − Janet Sheppard Kelleher, columnist and author of Big C, little ta-ta, speaker, and internationally renowned ChemoHawk Mom

“Patrick Hempfing’s MoMENts captures heartwarming stories sprinkled with humor that reflect a special bond between a father and a young daughter growing up. He’s a writer not to be missed.” − Linda Joyce, author of the Fleur de Lis and Sunflower series

“Every time I read one of Patrick Hempfing’s columns I think the same thing, “where was this guy when all my children were small?” I can’t turn back the clock, but I do share the wisdom with my grown children as they rear their children.” − John House, MD, author of So Shall You Reap, Choices, and Trail of Deceit, 2016 nominee, Georgia Author of the Year

“Patrick Hempfing shares the adventures of a stay-at-home dad – a dad who cherishes every moment as he and his daughter build memories. His column delights, charms, and warms my heart. His family exemplifies a modern and innovative family structure. Their successful endeavor is an encouraging example of family unity and strength.” − Mary Stripling, author of Nonagenarian, a collection of cherished moments with seasoned friends

“Patrick Hempfing is a creative writer who spins yarns about his daughter and his role as a Mr. Mom. Although writing about children may be old hat to some, Patrick’s stories are always fresh and universal. He doesn’t need exaggeration to provide the reader with a grin and sometimes a poignant tear or two, because Patrick’s stories touch the heart as well as the funny bone.” − Cappy Hall Rearick, syndicated columnist and novelist, 2012 nominee, Georgia Author of the Year

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